What is Amplify to Thrive?

If you’re reading this then you’re one of the first to the party here at the rebranded Amplify to Thrive. And welcome.

This page will actually be about you and your achievements, but for now you might be wondering a little bit about me and what gives me the audacity to call myself a coach, so here goes. A mini bio in the third person because it’s always easy to write about yourself that way, you know? If not, try it! 

Nicci Lou worked as a Senior Nurse in Picu for 15 years supporting families of babies, young children and teens through open heart surgery, among other things, until an amalgamation of mysterious illnesses eventually had her leave nursing for self employment. 

It would be another 10 years before she’d discover she was AuDHDer and 6 before she lived, again, as a gay woman having first come out aged eighteen. And 9 before she sold her home and road tripped her nine and seven year old through eighteen countries in a year (inc Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Australia and Japan) while staying in a van, on couches of strangers and in motels. 

Previously a ‘How NOT to run’ Business Coach (thanks to owning The Rabbit Hole Cafe and shop in East London), she went on to be hired as a Copy Coach after five years working as a Content and Conversion Copywriter. But a love of learning also saw her qualified in both Creative Writing and Understanding Autism. And determined to help others like her lead full lives, she is currently studying through ICF (International Coach Federation) to become a Certified Neurodivergent Family Coach, as it makes sense to her to understand her adult clients on a holistic level when working as a Confidence Coach. 

Are you ready to step into your own personal power yet? It doesn’t mean you have to remove the mask or do anything that doesn’t feel safe.

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