What is Amplify to Thrive?

Ever feel like you’re acting out a part? When all you really want to do is show up as the authentic being you are – even if you’re not a hundred percent sure who that is yet. 

What would life look like if you felt comfortable in your own skin, able to work, socialise and just be who you want to be? 

What small steps could you take today to make your dreams a reality and how could you find the confidence to even start? 

With only one short life ahead of you, can you really afford not to show up in your life as the only person you can – you! 

Nicci Lou is the (soon to be) certified ICF Associate Coach you need – to help unlearn the layered mask you fixed in place in childhood. How many masks you remove step by step is completely up to you. Coaching is all about your own autonomy. No judgement. No assertions of things that may not work for you. And certainly no rehashing the past pointing fingers at those you love. 

But who is Nicci Lou and why do you care?

I Trained at Great Ormond Street and London South Bank University and worked as a Senior Nurse in PICU for 15 years supporting families of babies, young children and teens through open heart surgery, among other things, until an amalgamation of mysterious illnesses eventually had me leave nursing for self employment. 

It would be another 6 years before I escaped a toxic relationship and lived again as a gay woman, having first come out at age eighteen. And 10 years before I was NHS diagnosed autistic and told I was probably also ADHD. (That explains the non-specific pain condition diagnosis then!)

Then in 2023, already a solo parent, I sold my home and began road tripping my nine and seven year old through eighteen countries (including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Australia and Japan) while staying in a van, on couches of strangers, and in motels. It would be the best part of two years before we would buy a home again. And one small micro step at a time, the best life shaping experience ever for each neurospicy one of us.

Camper van overlooking a mountain scene

What Others Are Saying

Choose Nicci as your mentor. She gave me a strong foundation and boosted my confidence, so I can now better serve myself and my clients. I'm sure she'll do the same for you.

Nicci is fab!! I had a 1-2-1 call with Nicci following a networking event and the value she gave me in just 30 mins was priceless. I have new ideas and strategies I’m excited to try! Nicci is funny and a joy to chat to.

"I promise to meet you where you are at" A promise that not many people are able to deliver on but certainly one that Nicci nails.

Nicci Lou is an inspiration in the interviews. Not only does she instantly put people at ease, allowing them to open up about their experiences, but the way in which she draws out information is fantastic. Nicci Lou is highly professional yet relaxed and down to earth, her ability to educate her clients is brilliant and I couldn't recommend her highly enough… book in a call with Nicci today and her services will bring clarity and a level of understanding never reached before.

I was changing direction and needed someone to help me get clarity on my 'Why' and find the words to communicate the what/why of what I do. I chose Nicci after a network meeting and listening to her talk about how she works with clients. There was a synergy between our values. I found working with Nicci easy. She took the time to get to know what I was trying to do, and asking questions to gain clarity and insights that provided the basis for the copy. The process was simple and efficient, Nicci empowered me to made alterations and suggestions along the way.

Nicci is one of those rare people who is as organised and methodical as I am, so her Trello systems are an absolute GODSEND! Onboarding, offloading, sorting leads, reviews, news, all in a super easy peasy system. Just looking at them makes me feel calm. Using them is blissful 😊 So, stop flapping about and trying different CRM systems, get these boards from Nicci and save a tinned of money 💰

Creative, energetic, fun and above all a great writer, Nicci consistently delivers beyond expectations.

Nicci Lou has one of the most authentic ways of presenting I've come across. She has the gift of teaching in such an incredible practical and sufficient way. I got essential answers to questions I haven't received in many other expensive courses. Thank you Nicci for over delivering on value!

Nicci's work ethic is outstanding. She goes above and beyond and the results are out of this world