digital are of a hand with a magnifying glass, lots of other hands with paint brushes, pencils, and pens like they are all trying to write a story


Simply a name. My name.

New, different, wonderful

Borne out of Yearning

Of striving for identity

That ongoing discovery of the unlikely and intriguing country which is me

The true description of my self

My love

Unquestionably correct

My old description, that dead dead-name of mine like a too-large overcoat

Worn for an eternity without any realisation that there is one that fits

Yenn fits so well. Every contour of my figurative self covered, warmed and held

An embrace of deep acceptance

Challenging hatred and self-doubt

Yenn is proud

Yenn is strong 

Yenn is ‘trans enough’ 

My true name. Liberated through its genderlessness

I am forever nourished by the perfect fit that is my Yenn.

‘Is that your real name?’ they ask

Not just real, but the only name.

My world, my entire universe encompassed, affirmed through those four letters.

A nod to the past and a cry for the future

The day I found my Yenn was the day I awoke.

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  1. This piece had the hairs on the back of my neck rise up as they always do when the words strike a chord. It is an honour to read your journey Yenn. A journey that brought you from being an unknown to an awakened person with a name. Thank you for taking me with you.

  2. “Yenn is trans enough”. That’s beautiful and encouraging. The world regulates, polices and gatekeeps sex/gender; it’s sad when we see our own communities acting in the same way. I see you, Yenn and I’m glad for your story.

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