Meet the Authors

Meet the talented individuals that have contributed their work to this blog. 


Xeno is a name that I, Nicci Lou, came up with aged 16 for an art project. It means strange or different, which is exactly how I felt. Strange because I was trapped between having what felt like a great disdain for people, generally not individually, but also with a thirst of being so loved that I could crawl inside another's skin and stay there safe and protected forever.

I felt so different, but strived to be like others so much I found myself changing not only my accent but also my opinion as I spoke to them - but now is the time to stand by my voice and the things I have to say.

Even though, to create a distance between my creative voice and that of a coach, I remain Xeno here.



Yenn Purkis is an Autistic and ADHD, non-binary and Asexual author and advocate. They have written 17 published books and have given presentations around the world including for TEDx Canberra twice. Yenn is passionate about making change. They live in Canberra with their tortoiseshell kitty, Sunflower.